BINTANG BETAWI Batavia (Jakarta) – Friday Edition, May 6, 1904


Learning Etiquettes from Lord Roglan

Lord Roglan is a British warlord who was highly respected by his subordinates and superiors. Once upon a time, the British army won the war against Russia thanks to a Sergeant Major who was later appointed a Lieutenant. At the banquet celebrating the promotion, a funny thing happened. The Lieutenant, who is a villager and wasn’t familiar with table manners, dipped an ice cube into his soup. In fact, the ice cubes were provided by the waiter to be mixed with wine. In the midst of the soldiers’ laughs and Lieutenant’s fluster, Lord Roglan, without saying anything, also took an ice cube and dipped it into his soup, making the once flustered Lieutenant breaks into a laugh. Seeing this, the Battalion Commander and all his soldiers did the same. Lord Roglan had saved the Lieutenant from embarrassment.

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