BINTANG BETAWI Batavia (Jakarta) – Friday Edition, May 27, 1904


Being Helped by Rogues

In the 16th century, when Emperor Iwan (possibly Japanese Emperor) attempted to expand his territory to Russian lands, they were intercepted and driven back to Asia by a group of bandits known as the Kazaks. This group was founded by Russian exiles, who in the 13th to 17th centuries used to rob along the Dnjepr, Don and Wolga rivers. The Russian government then used these Kazak descendants to become a part of its army and ordered them to guard the railroads in Manchuria. As the war between Russia and Japan continued, Russia felt afraid that the Japanese would also be assisted by the Chinese rogues called the Choenhoe. The Chenhoe is known to be more tactical and ride horses faster than the Russian army.

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