BINTANG BETAWI Batavia (Jakarta) – Thursday Edition, March 17, 1904


Redefining Progress

Johan Poer a.k.a Katja Doenia writes a critique towards Chinese writers in Malay newspapers who often said that the Chinese were in an era of progress. According to Johan, now is precisely the time of setbacks. He offers a way of thinking that if everyone is educated and smart, no one will want to work hard anymore. If this is the case, then how will the fields get cultivated? How can the wheel of life turn? He mentioned that Allah guarantees the sustenance of His servants and created them with different roles, such as some who become poor and some become rich. In addition, he also said that this country will die in silence because the associations and schools of Tiong Hoa Kwe Koan, whose branches are everywhere, prohibit too much, for example, they order the members of their community to get rid of their superstition/amulets, to celebrate holy days in moderation, not to waste money, and so on.

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