Ishtar Queen of the Night meets Jackson Pollock - Autumn Rhythm or Number 30 (1950)


This painting is entitled Autumn Rhythm or Number 30 (1950) which was made by Jackson Pollock in 1950. This work is one of Pollock's most interesting masterpieces, because the process of making it was filmed and documented. Hans Namuth is a documentary filmmaker who deals a lot with themes about art and painters. Apart from making documentaries about Jackson Pollock, Hans Namuth also makes documentaries about famous painters such as Willem de Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg, and Mark Rothko.

When Hans Namuth also made a documentary about Jackson Pollock. The documentary about Pollock also features a number of photographs of the state of Jackson Pollock's home and studio, as well as Pollock's creative process and how Pollock makes his works using his signature drip method. When the documentary was made, Jackson Pollock was working on the painting Autumn Rhythm (Number 30), this is what makes this work special because the public knows how this work was made and how Pollock's touch of abstract expressionism emerged.

In the film Pollock (2000) a biopic made by Hollywood about Jackson Pollock. A scene is shown when Hans Namuth is recording and photographing Pollock, of course we can understand how much Hans Namuth has done by documenting Pollock so that we can know how Pollock makes his works. Because the thing that characterizes Pollock is not only the abstract expressionism genre, but Pollock's painting method which is a new method. No wonder Pollock became a living legend in American art in his time.

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