Humbaba Meets Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn - The Storm on the Sea of Galilee (1633)


This painting is entitled The Storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee which was created by Rembrand in 1633. This work depicts the time when Jesus calmed down a hurricane and a storm, while sailing on the Sea of ​​Galilee. This incident is one of the miracles of Jesus that is told in the 4th chapter of Mark's Gospel. This painting is the only seascape painting by Rembrandt and is also an iconic painting because this painting is widely used as an illustration in Christian theology teaching materials when explaining about Jesus when taming a storm in the Sea of ​​Galilee. This painting is also the most expensive painting ever stolen and the largest painting theft in United States history. This painting was declared missing since March 18, 1990 from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum - Boston City, United States. The theft was carried out by 2 people disguised as police, they stole 12 famous works of art including Rembrandt's. Until now the FBI is still investigating the theft of Rembrandt's painting and until now it is still an unsolved mystery who stole this painting.

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