BINTANG BETAWI Batavia (Jakarta) – Wednesday Edition, May 4, 1904


Latest Malang THHK School Information

The school house (it could mean boarding school) Tiong Hoa Hwe Koan Malang (THHK Malang) is announcing the acceptance of new students and teachers. A total of 183 students are admitted, consisting of 172 boys and 11 girls. As for the additional teachers, there is one Tjing Im language teacher from Kediri named Oen King Tjhee, one teacher who translates Tjing Im into Malay named Kwee Tjhing Tjwan, and there is another Tjing Im teacher who comes from China. Schools can still accept a quota of 37 more students. THHK also provides dormitories including food caterings for students from outside Malang.

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