Ishtar Queen of the Night meets Jackson Pollock - One: Number, 31 (1950)


The painting entitled One: Number, 31 (1950) was made by Jackson Pollock in 1950. This painting is one of the masterpieces of the drip style painting, Pollock paints by dripping paint onto a big canvas that he spreads onto the floor. This drip technique later became the hallmark of Pollock. Of course, this work is one of his iconic works. The color composition, which looks like a dynamic color knot, gives energy to every visual composition of this work. This masterpiece was later purchased by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) located in New York, United States and has been in the MoMA collection since 1968. Then in 2013 this painting was taken down from the collection room, because this painting was dusty and had to be restored to restore the painting. to its original quality. The work that was later presented at MoMA now, is a work that has been restored.

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