SINAR MATAHARI Makassar – Friday Edition, May 1, 1914


‘Our Government’

The Dutch East Indies, especially the island of Java, has long been under the control of foreign nations, from the Hindus, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, British, and then the Dutch. They came to this land to make as much profit as possible. But at the beginning of the 20th century, the (Dutch) government began to show good intentions to build this nation. Two of the 12 efforts mentioned by the author, namely the establishment of the Mindere Welvaart Commissie (Commission for Investigating the Level of People's Welfare) and the Commissie voor de Volkslectuur (Library Centre). The efforts made are admittedly flawed, but the author emphasizes that what the government is doing is still a good thing for the people. Therefore, the people must be loyal to their government.

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