Humbaba Meets Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn - Danaë (1636)


This painting entitled Danaë was painted in 1636. This painting is based on the story of Danaë, who was Perseus' mother in Greek Mythology. This work is one of Rembrandt's magnum opus. This story describes when Danaë was welcoming Zeus. Zeus then impregnates Danaë, who is described by the appearance of a golden liquid. From the story of the illicit relationship, Perseus was born a hero in Greek mythology. In 1770 this work was purchased by Tsar Catherine the Great, this work is then stored in the Hermitage Museum, City of Saint Petersburg. Just like Night Watch's work, Danaë's paintings were also vandalized. This work was vandalized in 1985 by Bronius Maigys, a native of Lithuania. Then Bronius Maigys, was charged with insanity. However, this work, like Night Watch, has also been restored, so the work displayed is no longer the authentic version but a restored version. The restoration took a very long time because the damage was very severe, the restoration of this painting was only completed in 1997.

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