Ishtar Queen of the Night meets Jackson Pollock - Shimmering Substance (1946)


This painting is entitled Shimmering Substance (1946) which was created by Jackson Pollock in 1946. This painting is one of Jackson Pollock's abstract expressionism works. This work uses Pollock's signature drip method. Pollock painted this work influenced by Carl Jung's thoughts on the "collective unconscious" and "mythology." It is very clear how Pollock patiently drips paint after paint from his brush onto the canvas that he spreads on the floor, the drip technique used by Pollock is very distinctive because Pollock uses a brush just like a stick covered with paint. Pollock on the canvas that he spread, colored the canvas using a brush that had been covered with paint and then dripped without hitting the brush directly. He sprinkled every color in the brush on the canvas, every splash of this color looks like a touch of modern art. From the splash of color that finally made this masterpiece, we can see how deep the painter's intersection with Carl Jung's thinking is.

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