Urshanabi Meets Pablo Picasso - Guernica (1937)


The painting Guernica was made by Picasso in 1937 and when this painting was created the Spanish Civil War was raging. The painting Guernica is Picasso's masterpiece which shows the most powerful political message of all his works. This painting depicts the war in the city of Guernica, Spain. At that time Nazi troops and Italian fascists carried out aerial bombings, at the request of Franco's nationalist forces on the city of Guernica, which was a Republican base. In this painting depicts the horrors of war, with many innocent civilians and livestock dying as a result of aerial bombardment. Where many innocent civilians suffered, this painting is recognized as an epic painting. Picasso has consistently used cubism in documenting major historical events of his country, of course, it is not an easy thing to depict the corpses of animals and humans lying on the ground using geometric shapes. So this painting is recognized as one of the magnum opus in the flow of cubism art.

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