Bull of Heaven Meets Pierre-Auguste Renoir - The Large Bathers (1884 - 1887)


This painting entitled Les Grandes Baigneuses or The Large Bathers is a masterpiece made by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1884 – 1887. This work was inspired by the statue of The Bath of the Nymphs (1672), by François Girardon. There is also the great influence of the painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. Ingres' influence can be seen from the point of view and also the artistic touch on this painting, because this painting is different from other nudist paintings in general. Moreover, Renoir really admires Ingres' works, even painting Reclining Nude (1883) which was made a year before this work, this work was clearly made as Renoir's tribute to Ingres. Although he himself was inspired by Ingres, he still painted using Renoir's signature impressionism style, so that the authenticity of this work is clearly visible.

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