Urshanabi Meets Pablo Picasso - The Old Guitarist (1903-1904)


This painting is entitled The Old Guitarist, which was made for quite a long time during the years 1903-1904 by Pablo Picasso. When this painting was made Picasso and his friend Carlos Casagemas had just moved to Paris. When the two of them initially lived in Paris they experienced a miserable life, the poverty they faced during their early life in Paris made Casagemas depressed. Plus Casagemas is heartbroken, because of his failed relationship with Germaine Gargallo Florentin Pihot. While in Paris, Picasso and Casagemas began their careers as painters by painting Louise "Oddette" Lenoir and Germaine. Both Picasso and Casagemas have ties to the model. Picasso had time to sleep with Odette, while Casagemas really loved Germaine and slept together with Germaine. But when Casagemas enjoyed a 'one night love' with Germaine, Casagemas failed to 'make up' Germaine because Casagemas was impotent. Once upon a time, Casagemas was gloomy and depressed because he felt he had lost his 'manliness.' Feeling that Casagemas had no use in living his life, he committed suicide after having previously held a farewell party to his friends. Picasso was upset and sad because he lost his best friend, so he decided to paint this painting in memory of his friend. This painting depicts an old, hunchbacked beggar whom they both witnessed in Barcelona before they moved to Paris. Casagemas himself is from Barcelona, ​​so this painting brings to mind Picasso's memories of Casagemas.

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