Shamash meets Andy Warhol - Cow Wallpaper (1966)


This painting is entitled Cow Series or Cow Wallpaper (1966) which was created by Andy Warhol in 1966. The inspiration for painting the series collection about cows came from Ivan Karp, a leading dealer in art and antiques. Here's what Ivan Karp said:

"Why don't you paint some cows, they're so wonderfully pastoral and such a durable image in the history of the arts." (Ivan talked like this.) I don't know how "pastoral" he expected me to make them, but when he saw the huge cow heads — bright pink on a bright yellow background — that I was going to have made into rolls of wallpaper, he was shocked. But after a moment he exploded with: "They're super-pastoral! They're ridiculous! They're blazingly bright and vulgar!" I mean, he loved those cows and for my next show we papered all the walls in the gallery with them.”

As an artist with the genre of pop art, his work focuses a lot on things that are identical to people's daily lives. Of course Warhol was interested in this idea because he considered cows to be livestock that were mostly raised by humans and cows were livestock that were commonplace in people's daily lives. So far, humans produce many things from cows such as beef, cow's milk, cheese, then their leather are used for clothing.

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