SINAR TERANG Batavia[1] (Jakarta) – Thursday Edition, October 18, 1888


The Harassments of Japanese Ladies

A report from the city of Singapore says that many Japanese women who live there were increasingly disturbed by the actions of local young men who often harass them. On any given day, when these Japanese women boarded a carriage, they often being followed by local young men who chased their carriages. These men even went further by pulling the clothes and cheeks of these Japanese women. Sometimes, young men from outside Singapore also joined them in these disturbing actions. To protect themselves, these Japanese ladies usually bring rattan sticks to drive off the offenders, but unfortunately, their efforts seem to no avail.

[1] Batavia was the capital of the Dutch East Indies. The area corresponds to present-day Jakarta, Indonesia. Batavia refers to the city proper or its suburbs and hinterland, the Ommelanden, which included the much-larger area of the Residency of Batavia in the present-day Indonesian provinces of Jakarta, Banten and West Java. The founding of Batavia by the Dutch in 1619, on the site of the ruins of Jayakarta, led to the establishment of a Dutch colony.

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