PEMBRITA BETAWI Batavia (Jakarta) – Friday Edition, October 14, 1892


Always Remember Death

The Tale of Shah Riar told a story of a king of kings[1] who controls a very large kingdom. Unfortunately, he was complacent with what he had and became an arrogant king who liked to flaunt his wealth and greatness. He forgets that he was still a mortal being who was always followed by death. In the end, when the king was about to flaunt his wealth in front of his people, his life was taken away by the angel of death who disguised himself as a poor man whom he had insulted.


[1] King of kings is the literal translation of the original Sanskrit word Rajadhiraja. It’s a superlative expression for "the great king". The word is believed to have originated in the Semitic language family, but it was also adopted in Persian (Shahanshah), Hellenistic and Christian traditions.

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