Ishtar Queen of the Night meets Jackson Pollock - Number One, 1950 (Lavender Mist) (1950)


This painting is entitled Number One, 1950 (Lavender Mist). This painting was created by Jackson Pollock in 1950. Pollock painted this work in his studio on Long Island, south of New York. This painting is inspired by the life of the Creek Tribe (a Native American/Indian tribe).

Pollock's method builds on previous experiments with dripping and splattering paint on ceramic, glass, and canvas on an easel. Now, he lays a large canvas on the floor of his studio warehouse, almost covering the room. Using house paint, he drips, pours, and tosses pigment from a loaded brush and stick as he walks around. Pollock himself explained in his interview about his inspiration for this work as follows:

“He says that this is his way of being "in" his work, acting as a medium in the creative process. For Pollock, who admired American Indian sand painting, to cast a web of color onto his canvases and make them balanced, complete, and lyrical, was almost an act of ritual." – So said Jackson Pollock.

Like the ancient cave painter of antiquity, he “signed” Lavender Mist in the upper left corner and on the canvas with his handprint.”

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