SINAR TERANG Batavia (Jakarta) – Thursday Edition, October 25, 1888


Hong Kong Carriage (Trickshaw)

The existence of a Hong Kong carriage (possibly a manual pull-out rickshaw) in Singapore makes it easier for people in the area to move around. Not only that the fares are cheap, these rickshaws are numerous, easy to ride on and operate all day long, even 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, with all those easy access and low cost fares, some people still arbitrarily refuse to pay the rickshaw fares. It's heartbreaking to see how these rickshaw owners work very hard to earn a small amount of money. They have to run around all day and all night, pulling their carriages with passengers on it until they run out of breath, and sometimes they have to face disappointments when their passengers refused to pay. Hopefully the government can protect these poor rickshaw owners by severely punishing those who don’t pay for their carriage services, so that such cruelty towards rickshaw owners shall never be repeated.

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