SINAR TERANG Batavia (Jakarta) – Thursday Edition, November 1, 1888


In Bandung: Police’s Negligence Equals Crime Surge

The responsibility of the police is questioned by the residents of Bandung due to the increasing number of chicken stealing, and gambling. In 30 areas in the city of Bandung, including behind Karesidenan[1], many people are gathering to play sinter[2] gambling. Either the cops were blind or scared of the gamblers, they seemed to neglect the situations. This has caused a disturbance of peace in the areas and has made residents feel anxious. Yet the police still do nothing about it, some of them even seen hanging out at nightclubs.


[1] Karesidenan is an administrative area headed by a resident. Historically, the administrative division of the residential type has only been used in British India and its empire, and the Dutch East Indies and Indonesia with Britain as the originator. The system was then erased after 1950.

[2] A game of gamble that uses dice or specific cards.

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