TJAJA SOEMATRA Padang, West Sumatra - Saturday, November 12, 1921 Edition


V.S.M Administrator Lectures on the 'Age of Progress'

Representatives from Vereeniging Studiefonds Minangkabau (V.S.M.) delivered his speech in public. People of various ages and professions were gathered by Tuanku[1] Demang Tilatang and Tuanku Ass Demang Kamang. In general, the content of the lecture was, “Progress is not defined by dressing in western style (Dutch[2]) or when there are more and more people who are good at lecturing or criticizing other people's weaknesses. Progress is when what was previously a bad thing/deed turns into good ones, the good ones turns to better ones, the ignorant becomes knowledgeable and the skilled become even more skilled. Progress can only be achieved through serious learning,”.


[1] Tuanku is a title for a religious leader or a prominent cleric in Minangkabau, who is considered to have mastered the science of Islam. Usually, this title is followed by the name of the area or surau where the cleric teaches, such as Tuanku Imam Bonjol, Tuanku Pasaman, Tuanku Lintau, Tuanku Rao, and Tuanku Tambusai. The title Tuanku experienced its heyday in Minangkabau in the 18th and 19th centuries. At that time, dozens of surau were led by Tuanku in various fields of religious knowledge. Tuanku can also refer to the title given to the king (sultan) and his descendants from the male side. The Negeri Sembilan Kingdom as a continuation of the Malay Kingdom, currently still uses the title Tuanku for their king title, such as Tuanku Ja'afar.

[2] Indonesia experienced a long colonial period under Dutch rule.

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