Bull of Heaven Meets Pierre-Auguste Renoir - La Grenouillère (1869)


This painting is entitled La Grenouillère which was painted by Oscar-Claude Monet in 1869. This painting is an impressionist painting by Renoir. Renoir was one of the pioneers of Impressionism, along with Monet and they became close friends. The painting depicts La Grenouillère which is a popular mid-range tourist resort consisting of a spa, boating resort and a floating cafe. This resort is located on the Seine near Bougival, France. The location of this tourist resort in its time included being easily accessible by train from Paris and was recently visited by Emperor Napoleon III with his wife and son. The visit of Emperor Napoleon III and his family made the image of this tourist resort skyrocket.

At that time Oscar-Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, were in need of money and they were looking for a poetic and beautiful location that would sell if they painted the place and sold it. Monet and Renoir discussed, until finally the choice fell to La Grenouillère. Both recognized the beauty of La Grenouillère's tourist attractions, then the two famous painters decided to paint together in La Grenouillère. This painting is considered as one of Monet's masterpieces, this work is certainly not easy to make. Especially if we look at the impressionist touch when Monet paints water. Although the subjects, on the surface, are middle class enjoying their leisure time, the true nature of the paintings is the reflection of light on the water.

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