DE PREANGER-BODE Bandung – Wednesday, July 12, 1899


Concordia Meeting

This article outlines a meeting held by the Dutch society called ‘Concordia’. 34 members were present and several Articles of Association were heavily debated. One of the topics was members that are not present but voted by a power of attorney are still valid.

The board believes it should propose that only ordinary members (those from the city) have the right to vote, because in general only they are regularly informed about matters. Some members oppose to this idea as the so called ‘outside members’ mostly living in the mountain areas are not able to join every meeting but still have the right to vote on any article.

It was decided by 25 votes against the rest to remove the relevant paragraph from the article. All members therefore remain entitled to vote.

It is also stipulated that outside members in the future will pay f 5,- entrance.


P.S. f means currency Dutch gulden

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