SINAR TERANG Batavia (Jakarta) – Monday Edition, October 29, 1888


The Priest Redjo Group Got Arrested

Mr. Resident and Prince Prabu Prang Wedono had successfully arrested The Imam Redjo Group at The Srikaton guesthouse. This group was fearless and even hunts down the police priyayi[1] with violence and weapons. The priyayis admired the valor of this group, but then this group was considered to have the tendency to cause bloodshed, therefore they were being reported to the Resident. This group was led by Imam Redjo, a well-known worshipper, who was later changed his name to Djenal Abidin, which means ‘the perfect priest by God's will’. He demands his students to obey his orders (worship him). During the arrest, that perfect priest was killed.


[1] Priyayi, also spelled Prijaji, in traditional Javanese society, is a class that comprised the elite in contrast to the masses, or “little people” (wong cilik). Until the 18th century the Priyayi, under the royal families, were the rulers of the Javanese states.

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