Enkidu Meets Salvador Dali - Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (1936)


The painting entitled Soft Construction with Boiled Beans also known as Premonition of Civil War which he made in 1936. Dali himself before painting this work, saw the zeitgeist that existed at that time. Then he had a hunch that his country would experience a terrible civil war, therefore Dali painted a painting which he called a premonition of civil war. 6 months after he made this painting, his hunch was proven when Republican troops overthrew King Alfonso XIII, then the king went into exile. General Francisco Franco, who at that time served as commander of the troops in Morocco, came with the Moroccan legions to Spain to restore the monarchy. There was a civil war between the Republicans and the Royalists. When later asked by reporters why Dali's hunch could be true? Dali himself claimed that he had 'prophetic power in his subconscious', so he got a prophecy that there would be a civil war. The horrors of this civil war, Dali illustrates with paintings of monsters that provide a surreal picture of the bitterness of the situation in Spain at that time.

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