Urshanabi Meets Pablo Picasso - Man with A Pipe (1915)


This painting is entitled Man with A Pipe which he painted in 1915. The year 1915 was a bleak year for Picasso, because in that year World War I was going on which made the world situation change. Many of Picasso's friends were painters who were conscripted into the military to fight in World War I, but Picasso was not even involved in World War I. Syah and many people smiled at him with scornful veins. In the community itself, Picasso was suspected because at that time he was young and had a good physique, but did not participate in the war and took part in World War I. This work was made with the zeitgeist of the era that was raging, as well as Picasso's gloomy mood so not much bright colors used in this painting.

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