Ishtar Queen of the Night meets Jackson Pollock - The She-Wolf (1943)


This painting is entitled The She-Wolf (1943) which was made by Jackson Pollock in 1943. This painting is about the legend of the Mother Wolf who breastfed two twins Romulus and Remus, this legend is very famous because it is the legend behind the founding of the City of Rome. Also the founder of Roman Empire.

According to legend, these two were twins born to the god of war, Mars and the Vestal Virgin, Rhea Silvia. After being born, these two children are said to be drifting in the Tiber River and are found by a she-wolf, instead of being food for the she-wolf to take care of them both. According to the legend that two twins Romulus and Remus were breastfed and raised by a she-wolf, the Mother Wolf took pity on them because she saw the two babies thrown away.

Both of them were later found by a shepherd named Faustulus and raised them to adulthood. When the two babies grew up they began to know their origins and the story of them both being suckled by a female wolf. Later, the twins were able to overthrow the king of a city in Italy named Alba Longa. After ruling both of them then founded the city of Rome. Despite being brothers, the relationship between Romulus and Remus was not without disagreements. Remus and Romulus decided to build a new city. Remus wanted to build a city on Aventine Hill, while Romulus wanted Palatine Hill. Because of different opinions, Remus and Romulus fought, Romulus then managed to defeat and kill Remus. The city of Rome was then built on the Palatine Hill and used the name Rome, which was taken from the name Romulus himself, as the founder of the City of Rome. The city of Rome then developed from a small city in Italy, then became the centre of civilization in Italy and grow itself into the Roman Civilization. Rome successfully developed into the Roman Empire, a great empire in world history. The city of Rome is still there and is the capital of Italy. This city is still an important city in the world and is part of the global city of the world. There are about millions of people visit the City of Rome every year.

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