Urshanabi Meets Pablo Picasso - Dora Maar au Chat (1941)


This painting is entitled Dora Maar au Chat (Dora Maar with Cat) created by Picasso in 1941. This painting depicts Dora Maar, one of Picasso's lovers with a cat, sitting on a chair. Dora Maar is a woman of Croatian descent, also a French artist. Picasso knew Dora Maar in France, and that's where their romantic relationship began. Picasso was so fascinated by Dora Maar, that he used Dora Maar as a model in many of his paintings. Dora Maar au Chat is considered to be Picasso's best work as long as he painted Dora Maar, of course all of Picasso's paintings together with Dora Maar were made with a touch of Picasso's signature cubism.

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