Gilgamesh and Enkidu Meets Frida Kahlo - A Few Small Nips (Passionately in Love) (1935)


This painting is entitled A Few Small Nips (Passionately in Love)  which was made by Frida Kahlo in 1935. This painting was made by Frida after she found out that her husband was having an affair with her sister Frida. This made Frida very heartbroken and angry, who wouldn't be heartbroken to find out that her own husband was cheating on her, especially since her husband had the heart to laid with his sister-in-law? Frida did not think that her sister dared to snatch her husband from her.

Frida reads the newspaper and finds out about a story about a poor woman who had an affair, then the woman was killed because her partner was jealous. Then the killer was put on trial and in front of the judge he defended himself and said: “Unos Cuantos Piquetittos!” (But it was just a few small nips!). This Spanish sentence that Frida got from a Mexican newspaper, she immediately added at the top of the painting just above the killer's head. This sentence is the inspiration for the title of this painting. At that time Frida felt this news was very related to her life story, it seemed that Frida really wanted to take revenge on her cheating partner. Even though he didn't have the heart to do it, moreover he didn't have the heart to take revenge on his own brother. After going through all these ordeals, Frida finally reconciled in 1940.

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