Enkidu Meets Salvador Dali - Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937)


This painting, which was made in 1937 by Salvador Dali, is entitled Metamorphosis of Narcissus. This painting made by Dali refers to Narcissus, a famous figure in Greek mythology, where Narcissus is a man who loves himself very much even his own shadow. Narcissus is often looked at his face very handsome in the pond, because he saw clearly the reflection of his face in the pond and he greatly admired. Once upon a time, he too died horribly drowned in the pool, while he was engrossed in looking at his own face. Dali depicts everything but in a surreal form, so this painting depicts the image of Narcisuss' thoughts and the metamorphosis in his mind so that Narcissus' own subconscious is seen. This painting uses the paranoiac-critical method developed by Freud. Salvador Dali when describing this work uses Freud's theory of narcissism. On July 19, 1938, Dali went to London to meet Freud with this painting while discussing it with Freud.

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