SINAR TERANG Batavia (Jakarta) – Thursday Edition, November 15, 1888


When Doomsday is Near in Cianjur

A report from Cianjur stated that on March 28, 1879, many residents of Cianjur suddenly became more diligent in doing their religious rituals. Many believed the rumour that the Doomsday was near, Commercial sex workers (soendel), entertainer dancers (ronggeng), even the puppeteers suddenly stop doing their jobs and busy worshipping Allah. The rich sold their wealth to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. Mosques and prayer rooms in Cianjur were full of people praying. However, after a year or two, the Doomsday has not come, and so they returned to their previous lifestyle. In fact, there were people who regret wasting their wealth to go on Hajj pilgrimage.

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