Shamash meets Andy Warhol - Camouflage Series (1986)


This painting is titled Camouflage Series (1986) which was created by Andy Warhol in 1986. This painting is the last series of Camouflage paintings by Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol made this painting at the request of the military, who asked him to make a series of military camouflage suits that they would use to design military uniforms for easy camouflage, naturally military uniforms have colors adapted for various military operations. For example, when soldiers wage guerrilla warfare in the forests, they wear striped green uniforms to make it look like the color of plants and grass, so that the enemy does not realize that it is soldiers who are attacking them. Likewise, the color of the army uniform for military operations in the desert, usually wearing beige to resemble the color of the desert. There is also a striped blue uniform, usually this color is used for military operations in snowy mountainous areas or areas with extreme cold snow, so the color of the military uniform resembles snow.

In working on this painting Warhol collaborated with Stephen Sprouse, a famous fashion designer. This series of paintings was never completed by Andy Warhol because in the middle of this series Andy Warhol died in 1987 after undergoing gallbladder surgery. This makes the Camouflage Painting Series never really finished because “The World Pop Art Maestro” breathed his last. The Camouflage series became Andy Warhol's last work.This makes the Art of Camouflage Painting never really finished because "The Maestro of Pop Art World", then taking his last breath. The Camouflage series became Andy Warhol's last work.

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