Urshanabi Meets Pablo Picasso - Boy with a Pipe (1905)


This painting entitled Boy with a Pipe was painted in 1905, when Picasso was 24 years old. This work is one of the masterpieces that Picasso made when he was young. This work was created while Picasso was living in Montmare, Paris. This painting depicts a young Parisian holding a pipe in his left hand and wearing a flower on his head. The creative process of drawing this painting is not easy, because this boy has been tried to stand up, stick to the wall, and other positions and then he found a suitable position, namely sitting on a chair while holding a pipe in his left hand. This work made when Picasso was young is considered important, because this work is Picasso's transitional phase from a pessimistic period (Blue Period) to a period when Picasso was more optimistic in facing life (Rose Period).

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