SINAR TERANG Batavia (Jakarta) – Tuesday Edition, 30 Oktober 1888


Protest Letters

Letters are sent by readers in Bandung and Garut to the Sinar Terang newspaper expressing their disappointment, because they find that the newspaper’s coverage from Bandung and Garut are always related to things that are not good. The letters said that in Betawi, all ranks of captains and lieutenants, up to landraad interpreters, were filled by Hokian ethnics (Chinese people). A suggestion was also written in the letter that the newspaper should not talk about other ethnics (Chinese) too often, while the people are all equal, all look the same and wear the same tatjang (hair pigtails). A letter even stated that only white people are smart because they rule the whole country and taking care of lots of people, while the Chinese people are just smugglers with bad manners.

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